Press Release: Princeton Scientific – Aquarius Starter Kit

Princeton Scientific now offers a system capable of unprecedented, High Resolution, In-Situ SEM Liquid Inspection and Analysis for visualizing native-state samples. The product uses nanofilm to create an atmospheric environment in a vacuum in order to keep the liquid samples in their original state. To view the full press release click here. • By combining … Continued

Exhibitor Spotlight on Superior Silica

What are the benefits of your technologies or materials? Our company focuses on manufacturing ultra-precise, spherical silica (SiO2) nanoparticles and microbeads at commercial scales. Furthermore, we customize their chemical composition and surface chemistry for compatibility in our customers’ existing systems. In doing so, our silica acts as a key raw material in enabling the development … Continued

Exhibitor Spotlight on Ferrotec

What are the benefits of your technologies or materials? Ferrotec offers an array of advanced materials and component solutions covering a range of markets.  Reliable supply chain solutions are valued by industry leaders. Quality and consistency in working with a trusted supplier are prerequisites of our demanding and appreciated customer base.   Ferrotec has an extensive … Continued

Interview with Steve Wilcenski, Co-Founder & CEO At BNNano

Nanotechnology was founded over 50 years ago, how has Nanotechnology evolved since it was first discovered? The biggest evolution is that there are now everyday products that contain nanomaterials and nanotechnology. When nanotechnology was first discovered and discussed it was a novelty to be used in the laboratory and it took many years for this … Continued

Nanotech Energy Announces $64M Series D Funding to Scale Its Proprietary Non-flammable, High-Performing Graphene-Organolyte™ Batteries

Nanotech Energy, the world’s leading manufacturer of graphene and the only producer of non-flammable, graphene-based batteries on the market, today announced it has raised $64 million Series D funding at a $550 million post-Series D valuation. Led by Taiwan’s largest financial services company, Fubon Financial Holding Co, the Series D funding brings the total amount of funding raised to date by Nanotech Energy … Continued

Park Systems Announces Park FX40, the Autonomous AFM with Built-in Intelligence – A Groundbreaking New Class of Atomic Force Microscope

Park Systems, the fastest growing manufacturer of Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) just announced Park FX40, a groundbreaking autonomous atomic force microscope, infused with innovative robotics, intelligent learning features, safety features, software and specialized add-ons. Park FX40 Atomic Force Microscope is the first AFM to automate all up-front set up and scanning processes, putting the intelligent … Continued

Exhibitor Spotlight on Hydromx

What are the benefits of your technologies or materials? Increase efficiency in Closed Loop HVAC Systems. Why nanofluids over traditional methods? Standard heat transfer mediums, like water, have low thermal properties. We change that by adding nano-sized particles. HYDROMX® has multiple ways of protecting systems. Could you explain more about these methods? Not only do … Continued

Exhibitor Spotlight on InProcess-LSP

We spoke to Frando van der Pas, speaker at this year’s Nanotechnology Show conference and Director of Sales at InProcess-LSP, as he explained how their technologies are used to aid the Covid-19 fightback, and what they will be offering at the October show. What technologies do InProcess-LSP specialise in?  Our competency is in method and instrumentation … Continued

Exhibitor Spotlight on Forge Nano

Describe your target market.  Forge Nano is actively working with partners in; semiconductors, displays, microelectronics, batteries, medical, pharma, automotive, consumer electronics, emissions, and other high tech applications. Our surface engineering platform uses Atomic Layer Deposition to solve problems and optimize products at the atomic level.   We solve surface engineering problems from the very atoms that produce them. Our platform technology applies atom thick coatings to surfaces … Continued