Exhibitor Spotlight on Superior Silica

What are the benefits of your technologies or materials?

Our company focuses on manufacturing ultra-precise, spherical silica (SiO2) nanoparticles and microbeads at commercial scales. Furthermore, we customize their chemical composition and surface chemistry for compatibility in our customers’ existing systems.

In doing so, our silica acts as a key raw material in enabling the development of products that rely on control and definition at the nanoscale. Our SUPSIL PREMIUM does exactly this by providing customers with the option to target a specific diameter (from 100nm to 2000nm) and surface functionalization while maintaining scalability.

Can you explain why scalability, uniformity and precision sizing are important when it comes to nanoparticles?

A huge challenge in the chemical industry revolves around maintaining nanoparticle quality while producing at an affordable price. Nanoparticles themselves have outstanding properties arising primarily from their high surface area. At Superior Silica, we strive to maintain those properties while manufacturing them in commercial volumes, at a viable price, at our ISO certified state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Phoenix, AZ.

Can you tell us the applications for Superior Silica?

Products derived from SUPSIL™ PREMIUM, our flagship ultra-monodisperse product line are used to fabricate large-scale photonic crystals, as fillers in ordered hollow fiber membranes, as templates to attach oligonucleotides for DNA sequencing, as polishing slurries in microelectronics and as fillers in adhesive systems.

The applications directly depend on the diameter, functionality and processability of the silica. We work closely with our customers to develop a turnkey solution wherein particle stability within their existing systems is resolved prior to product development and ramp.

What can visitors expect from your stand?

A discussion into how our products might be beneficial to their technology. We’re also happy to go into further detail about our operations, current product portfolio and scalability. 

What are you looking forward to demonstrating at The Nanotechnology Show and The Advanced Materials Show USA? 

We’re looking forward to showcasing our unique technology and meeting future partners in the process.

What excites you most about the advanced materials industry?

I’m excited to learn more about applying data-centric models towards *experimental* materials R&D and understand the repercussions on process predictability and efficiency.

What will you be looking out for yourselves at The Nanotechnology Show and The Advanced Materials Show USA 2021?

Meeting and networking with some of the brightest minds in the nanotechnology industry from all over the world!