Exhibitor Spotlight on Princeton Scientific

What are the benefits of your technologies or materials?

Princeton Scientific Corporation’s fundamental philosophy is based on providing our clients and customers, the very best selection of innovative, quality, advanced materials and precision scientific equipment for academic, institutional and manufacturing research & development needs and applications. Our Pure Elements, Laser, NLO and Oxide Single Crystals, as well as our Plasma Treatment Systems, Kelvin Probe and In-Situ Liquid Material Analysis Kit, are used by the top laboratories in the U.S. and abroad for breakthroughs in everything from healthcare to semiconductor manufacturing and more.

What sets Princeton Scientific apart from its competitors?

Our customers tell us that what separates Princeton Scientific Corporation from the competition is our approach to them as a strategic business partner. We seek to understand what our customers are needing and looking for. In addition, our reputation for high quality pure element materials, innovative, precision scientific equipment and our friendly, knowledgeable staff that provide excellent customer service and a quick response, is what keeps our customers coming back to us.

You celebrated your 30th year anniversary in 2021; what has been Princeton Scientific’s greatest achievement in this time?

Princeton Scientific Corporation is proud to be in business and serving our customers in the scientific, academic and institutional research and development markets for over 30 years. We would say that our greatest achievement to date, has been to expand both our business and footprint globally. We are also proud to say, that we now have customers from around the world who work with and utilize Princeton Scientific Corporation for their scientific advanced materials and precision equipment needs.

What other additional services do you provide?

As a full service provider, Princeton Scientific Corporation offers additional services that include, High Quality Crystal Processing of customer provided materials, re-polishing (single or both sides) of customer materials to high levels of orientation accuracy, cutting and orienting customer provided crystals, Laue pictures, diverse drillings, surface etching to customer specifications, wire installation for direct electronic contact, chamfering bonding and de-bonding sputtering targets, plasma treatment and complete coating services, to name a few. We frequently review and update our services depending on our customer’s needs and as new technologies become available.

What can visitors expect from your stand?

Visitors attending The Advanced Materials Show and The Nanotechnology Show can expect to see some great material products and scientific equipment on display from Princeton Scientific Corporation at our Booth # 314. You’ll have the opportunity to speak with our Technical Sales staff and President of our company about your specific applications and needs. In addition, we’ll be showing physical crystal and pure element samples and providing product literature and brochures, as we speak with interested visitors. So, stop by to just say hello, tell us about your needs or learn more about our materials, precision scientific equipment and services.

What are you looking forward to demonstrating at The Nanotechnology Show and The Advanced Materials Show USA?

We’re looking forward to demonstrating our In-Situ, SEM microscopy Liquid Inspection & Material Analysis Technology via our new Aquarius Starter Kit. In addition, we’ll also be showing and demonstrating our benchtop HPT-200 gas Plasma Treatment system, for plasma cleaning, surface activation, etching, and coating. We’ll also be talking about our new Kelvin Probe for Surface Photovoltage (SPV) and Surface Photovoltage Spectroscopy (SPS) measurements.

What excites you most about the advanced material industry?

We think that what’s most exciting about the advanced material industry is new advances and innovations in areas such as, artificial intelligence (AI), sustainability, electronics, optics, 3D- printing, graphene and 2D materials, composites, lightweight materials and surface engineering, along with the development of “smart” materials and nanotechnology, are accelerating demand for new materials. Princeton Scientific Corporation is working with these new material technologies and scientific groups to expand our portfolio of products and services to meet their requirements.

What will you be looking out for yourselves at The Nanotechnology Show and The Advanced Materials Show USA 2021?

First and foremost, we will be looking out for our clients and customers! We believe in building new and lasting relationships with our clients and customers and having the opportunity for one-on-one conversations with them is a great way to talk about their applications and needs and how Princeton Scientific Corporation’s exciting new materials, equipment and services can offer solutions to their challenges. Additionally, what we also look for is having the right forum and ability to meet at a single venue, to listen, discuss and review new information, innovations, trends, new technologies and talk about our products and services with clients, customers, academics and other industry leaders, and is the reason why we attend and plan to come back again and again to The Advanced Materials Show and The Nanotechnology Show!