Exhibitor Spotlight on Hydromx

What are the benefits of your technologies or materials?

Increase efficiency in Closed Loop HVAC Systems.

Why nanofluids over traditional methods?

Standard heat transfer mediums, like water, have low thermal properties. We change that by adding nano-sized particles.

HYDROMX® has multiple ways of protecting systems. Could you explain more about these methods?

Not only do we increase efficiency, but also we protect against Corrosion, calcification and bacteria.

HYDROMX® has a goal to help save the planet. Can you talk us through your cutting-edge technology and how this works?

Nanofluids work mainly by increasing the surface area of the fluid, whereby heat transfer within the fluid occurs so much faster, what is called “Thermal Diffusivity”. There are other factors such as ionic exchange, thermal layer area increase etc.

What makes HYDROMX® stand out from its competitors?

We cleared Toxicology by FDA standards. Hydromx is the only nanofluid commercially available because of this fact only.

What are you looking forward to demonstrating at The Nanotechnology Show and The Advanced Materials Show USA? 

To show the world that a commercial nanofluid exists.

What excites you most about the advanced materials industry?

Meeting with other nanoparticle users and manufacturers.

What will you be looking out for yourselves at The Nanotechnology Show and The Advanced Materials Show USA 2021?

To make acquaintances in the nano world arena.