Exhibitor Spotlight on Forge Nano

Describe your target market. 

Forge Nano is actively working with partners in; semiconductors, displays, microelectronics, batteries, medical, pharma, automotive, consumer electronics, emissions, and other high tech applications. Our surface engineering platform uses Atomic Layer Deposition to solve problems and optimize products at the atomic level.  

We solve surface engineering problems from the very atoms that produce them. Our platform technology applies atom thick coatings to surfaces in order to optimize their atomic make up. When products are improved at this level, we produce better, more efficient, longer lasting, and safer technologies by specifically designing their atomic properties.  

 Our platform technology can be found in applications, from Automotive, to Consumer Electronics to Bio Medical and Pharmaceuticals. We’ve worked with major automotive OEMs, global consumer electronics brands, and many innovative, high-tech companies to optimize their products from the atomic scale. Our line of tools and solutions are suited to drop into existing infrastructure from R&D scale, to high throughput manufacturing. Atomic Layer Deposition is actively used to improve product performance in a number of commercial products, including; Semiconductors, Displays, Consumer Electronics, Batteries and Automotive.

Describe your competition. 

Forge Nano works actively in advanced surface engineering solutions. Our technology solves engineering challenges at the atomic scale, using our platform technology for scalable Atomic Layer Deposition. When dealing with advanced technologies, manufacturers must work at the atomic level, in order to make their products better. There is no match to the level of precision, and control that our platform for Atomic Layer Deposition can provide. Atomic Layer Deposition is a thing film coating technique, where layers of film are applied at the atomic level in order to optimize or protect the substrate. Other techniques in this field are CVD, PVD, MLD.  

Our technology makes engineering surfaces at the atomic level, scalable, and cost effective.  

Who are/will be your customers? 

Forge Nano is actively working with partners in; semiconductors, displays, microelectronics, batteries, medical, pharma, automotive, consumer electronics, emissions, and other high tech applications. Our surface engineering platform uses Atomic Layer Deposition to solve problems and optimize products at the atomic level. 

Forge Nano works with customers from National Labs, and Research Facilities, to Large Scale Manufacturing partners. We offer a suite of tools and our technology platform to make atomic level surface engineering practical at any scale.  

We work with customers in various ways, suited specifically their needs. Our in house team of Scientists and Engineers help overcome advanced surface engineering challenges, by controlling them at the atomic level.  

Describe your plan and need for key partnerships. 

Forge Nano has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Our technology has been validated at scale in several major markets. Our strategic partnerships continue to show further validate our technology at scale. Forge Nano has made a toolbox of Atomic Layer Deposition solutions available to customers around the world.   

We are working with major OEMs and global manufactures to implement Atomic level solutions at an industrial scale.  

What Does your organization do? What products &services do you offer? What types of customers do you serve?  

Forge Nano makes Atomic Layer Deposition saleable and cost effective. Our line of solutions feature tool designed to scale from R&D, all the way to high-throughput manufacturing. Our products use Atomic Layer Deposition to apply atom thick coatings to surfaces in order optimize performance in a number of ways.  

Forge Nano works with customers from National Labs, and Research Facilities, to Large Scale Manufacturing partners. We offer a suite of tools and our technology platform to make atomic level surface engineering practical at any scale. 

Forge Nano is actively working with partners in; semiconductors, displays, microelectronics, batteries, medical, pharma, automotive, consumer electronics, emissions, and other high tech applications. Our surface engineering platform uses Atomic Layer Deposition to solve problems and optimize products at the atomic level. 

Number of full time equivalent employees in the local offices.

Over 40  

The passionate team at Forge Nano continues to grow with increasing demand for advanced surface engineering solutions. With over 40 employees, Forge Nano’s team of Scientists, Engineers, and Application Specialists serve customers by solving complex surface engineering challenges at the atomic scale, using their proprietary Atomic Layer Deposition Platform. 

Describe what makes you company culture unique (provide examples of employee engagement initiatives and roust benefits available.  

Forge Nano culture is an integral part of our success. We are a hardworking, collaborative, and passionate team, dedicated to doing our absolute best. From our competitive foosball competition, to our spirit month activities, our interdisciplinary, eclectic collection of the very best humans is the formula to our success.  

What business need or niche did the company fulfill. What makes the business unique? 

Forge Nano cracked the code to making Atomic Layer Deposition saleable and cost effective. Our company is unique in our approach to surface engineering. We use Atomic Layer Deposition to solve surface engineering challenges at the atomic scale.  

Contributions to the industry and the local economy.  

Forge Nano has made lasting contributions to our industry and our local economy. By working with companies throughout Colorado, including research facilities, commercial manufacturers, and locally owned businesses.  

Forge Nano has been working with local labs and research facilities on projects that solve environmental problems, by offering solutions at the atomic scale. Our technology is being developed for applications in  

How many people does the company plan to hire in the next 12 months?  

As demand for our technology continues to grow, we are continually looking for talented new additions to our team. Based upon our current trajectory, we could be adding 8-10 new employees in the next year.  

Resilience during covid.

The Forge Nano has been agile and adaptable from the moment the pandemic began. Our policies have keep our employee health and safety as top priority. We have quickly implemented innovative digital solutions to keep our employees and customers safe. 

By developing the first in the industry, digital summit, Forge Nano provided valuable educational resources to the scientific community, with the first of it’s kind, virtual conference.  

Additionally Forge Nano technology is being used in pharmaceuticals, and bio medical applications to deliver cutting edge medical innovation.   

Potential to shape metro Denver’s business community.  

Forge Nano’s activity, and commitment to our local area will continue to benefit the business community. With the addition of new jobs, investment in infrastructure, and revenue to the local area, Forge Nano hopes to make a lasting impact in our community, as well as the world.   

What impact has the company made in the business community?  

By providing educational resources and innovative solutions to big problems, Forge Nano is committed to building and strengthening the business community by providing innovative and cost-effective solutions.  

What is the vision of the business over the next 5 years?  

To continue to improve awareness of our advanced technologies, and to improve the adoption of innovative, nano engineering techniques.  

Community impact  

Community is highly valued at Forge Nano, both in our team, and in our lives. Supporting local charities and participating in volunteering opportunities have part of the company from the early days. 

About Forge Nano:  

Based outside of Denver, CO., Forge Nano is a global leader in surface engineering and precision nano-coating technology, using Atomic Layer Deposition. Forge Nano’s proprietary technology and manufacturing processes make angstrom-thick coatings fast, affordable and commercially viable for a wide range of materials, applications and industries. Forge Nano’s suite of ALD and PALD products and services covers the full spectrum from lab-scale tools to commercial-scale manufacturing systems.  

For more information visit www.ForgeNano.com  

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