Exhibitor Spotlight on Ferrotec

What are the benefits of your technologies or materials?

Ferrotec offers an array of advanced materials and component solutions covering a range of markets.  Reliable supply chain solutions are valued by industry leaders. Quality and consistency in working with a trusted supplier are prerequisites of our demanding and appreciated customer base.  

Ferrotec has an extensive portfolio for of products for a range of markets. Could you tell us what makes you stand out from your competitors?

We offer the value of working with a responsive and customer focused team to deliver high quality material solutions, meeting stringent customer requirements.

A lot of our materials were developed strictly by Ferrotec (our own proprietary solution). In other words, we can provide a complete turnkey solution at rapid prototype speeds whether you are still in your R&D stage or if you have moved to mass production. For example, our rapid prototype ceramics offer lead times as fast as 1-2 weeks!

Can you tell us about any of the products you are currently working on/in development?

Just one example are Silicon components for high temperature thermal processing in batch diffusion furnaces for FEOL wafer fabs.  Industry standard SiC parts that are capacity constrained throughout the industry now have a higher performing drop-in replacement.  Parts are OEM certified, qualified in some of the most advanced Fabs in the world and running in HVM offering performance benefits and 10-week lead time (vs 52+ weeks for SiC).

You have recently collaborated with Metamaterial on Technology Solution path. Can you tell us more about this?

Metamaterial’s technology has the potential to deliver breakthroughs across a range of applications and industries, and their unique technologies leverage thin films in transformative ways. Ferrotec’s Temescal systems are well-suited to deliver the precision and uniformity required by these exciting technologies, both for development and high-volume production.

Ferrofluid magnetic liquid and Ferrofluidic® sealing products are part of the core of your company, how has developing this technology helped the industries you serve?

The technology was a springboard into many other related technologies and markets.  It was a great beginning for a rapidly growing company that is known for many other material solutions.

The Ferrofluids division has continued to develop new fluids for a wide variety of markets: biomedical, industrial, audio/loudspeaker, and many other areas that have been served by our continuing R&D efforts

What can visitors expect from your stand?

They can expect to see smiling faces and in-person support to answer questions and help source needed materials and components from a trusted and reliable supplier. 

The EDBG Business Unit at Ferrotec has many, many years of experience in their respective technologies and are willing and eager to assist in all ways.

What are you looking forward to demonstrating at The Nanotechnology Show and The Advanced Materials Show USA? 

We will be showing a breadth of product solutions that even some existing customers may be unaware of.

What excites you most about the advanced materials industry?

The constant evolution to keep up with industry and consumer demands for a more advanced and connected world keeps us looking for new solutions to new and existing applications.

What will you be looking out for yourselves at The Nanotechnology Show and The Advanced Materials Show USA 2021?

It will be interesting to learn of other advancements from industry colleagues.

It will also be interesting to see what new approaches to existing technologies have been developed in the mid- and post-pandemic world.