Bryce Anzelmo

Director of Product Management Lyten

Dr Anis Rahman

Terahertz nanoscanning spectrometer and 3D imager with lattice resolution Applied Research & Photonics

Shawn Allan

VP and Materials Engineer Lithoz

Kelli Booth

Co-founder Early Charm Ventures

Kjirsten Breure

President HydroGraph Clean Power

Pennie Burnham

Vice President NA Nycote Laboratories

Terrance Barkan

CEO Graphene Council

Dr Christopher Brown

Executive Director, Materials Discovery Schrödinger

Tohid Didar

Associate Professor NanoBiomaterials

Dr. Ed Rakiewicz

Research Fellow PPG

Dr Fan Zhang

Physicist U.S. Department of Commerce National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Paul Ferguson

Dir. of Business Development - NTeC CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc.

Colin Greenspon

Co-Founder & Managing Partner Narya

Paul Glass

VP Engineering + Business Unit Director Setex Technologies

Andy Holwell

Manager Business Sector Industrial Research ZEISS

Dr. Hari Harikumar

VP & GM Advanced Carbon & Membranes CHASMTek

Hongkai He

Managing Partner Taihill Venture

Anna Ivashko

Researcher ExxonMobil

Dr Jay Amarasekera

Senior Manager SABIC Ventures

Dr. Jordan Swisher

Director of High-Throughput Experimentation Stoicheia

Dr. Ken Malone

CEO Materic

Haley Keith

Founder and CEO MITO Materials

Dr Leroy Magwood, Jr. Ph.D

Chief Technologist XG Sciences

Dr Lirong Bao

Global Science & Technology Director, Aerospace Materials PPG

Dr Mano Manoharan

Chief Technologist - Industrialization GE Aviation

Dr. Matt Weimer

R&D Scientist Forge Nano

Landon Mertz

CEO Cerion Nanomaterials

Richard Ploss

CEO ACS Material

Dr Rakesh Kumar

VP Technology Specialty Coating Systems

Dr Richard Collins

Research Director IDTechEx

Dr Robert Janssen

Partner Advilex Regulatory Compliance

Dr Sean Clancy

Director of Coatings HZO

Dr Stephen Farias

Chief Scientific Officer Materic

James Sherrill

CEO General Graphene

Kurt Swogger

CEO Molecular Rebar Design

Chiara Venturini

Director General Nanotechnology Industries Association