Photron Product Spotlight: Nova R5-4K Camera

World’s Fastest 4K-UHD High-Speed Camera System San Diego, CA – Photron USA, Inc. of San Diego is proud to introduce the FASTCAM NOVA R5-4K, the world’s fastest 4K-UHD camera system. The FASTCAM NOVA R5-4K brings together unique CMOS image sensor technologies and extensive high-speed digital imaging expertise to provide an ultra-high-resolution high-speed camera with excellent … Continued

Anton Paar Product Spotlight: Nanoindentation tester Hit 300

Simplest-to-use nanoindentation tester on the market Less than half the price of comparable instruments Active anti-vibration isolation 3-year warranty Ready to start measuring in 15 minutes Hit 300 is a premium yet highly affordable nanohardness tester built for every user and every type of environment. The intuitive, automated Hit 300 lets you run 600 measurements … Continued

Global Trends: Nanomaterials in Future Cities

In this segment of our Global Trends video series, our experts discuss key areas where materials science is impacting the development and innovation of Future Cities. Nanomaterials are going to play an increasing role in our cities in the future – but how and why? When we take materials down to the nanoscale, they start … Continued

Global Trends: Nanomaterials in Human Health

In this segment of the Global Trends video series our experts focus on the growth of nanotechnology in human health applications. What role do nanomaterials play in optimizing human health? For centuries, the materials sciences have been the foundation on which our society is built, and we continue to find this true in modern day, … Continued

Materic Expands Nanofiber Production Capacity and Capabilities

Materic installs new electrospinning machine to meet growing customer demand for custom manufacturing October 26, 2021, Baltimore, MD – Materic, LLC, a custom designer and manufacturer of advanced materials, today announced it has increased its capacity to electrospin nanofiber-based materials with the acquisition of an additional state-of-the-art industrial electrospinning machine. With its newly installed Inovenso PE-550 electrospinning … Continued

Design Matters: Why precise design is required to leverage the unique behaviors of nanomaterials in your products or systems

Due to the unique behaviors of nanomaterials, the design has a significant impact on a candidate material’s ability to scale-up and integrate with your product. Simply put, nanomaterials are not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for the many industries and companies looking to incorporate them into their products. When properly leveraged, the unique behaviors of these materials … Continued

Exhibitor Spotlight on Princeton Scientific

What are the benefits of your technologies or materials? Princeton Scientific Corporation’s fundamental philosophy is based on providing our clients and customers, the very best selection of innovative, quality, advanced materials and precision scientific equipment for academic, institutional and manufacturing research & development needs and applications. Our Pure Elements, Laser, NLO and Oxide Single Crystals, … Continued

Press Release: Princeton Scientific – Aquarius Starter Kit

Princeton Scientific now offers a system capable of unprecedented, High Resolution, In-Situ SEM Liquid Inspection and Analysis for visualizing native-state samples. The product uses nanofilm to create an atmospheric environment in a vacuum in order to keep the liquid samples in their original state. To view the full press release click here. • By combining … Continued

Exhibitor Spotlight on Superior Silica

What are the benefits of your technologies or materials? Our company focuses on manufacturing ultra-precise, spherical silica (SiO2) nanoparticles and microbeads at commercial scales. Furthermore, we customize their chemical composition and surface chemistry for compatibility in our customers’ existing systems. In doing so, our silica acts as a key raw material in enabling the development … Continued