Interview with Steve Wilcenski, Co-Founder & CEO At BNNano

Nanotechnology was founded over 50 years ago, how has Nanotechnology evolved since it was first discovered? The biggest evolution is that there are now everyday products that contain nanomaterials and nanotechnology. When nanotechnology was first discovered and discussed it was a novelty to be used in the laboratory and it took many years for this … Continued

Princeton Scientific Corp Launch New Product – The Kelvin Probe System

This surface photovoltage spectrometer allows precise measurement of work function of different semiconducting and conducting materials with high precision and accuracy. The Kelvin probe system can be used in various type of surface studies, including: corrosion, adsorption/desorption, surface charging, catalytic activity and others. It is an essential tool in investigation of photocatalysts, organic and inorganic … Continued

DIANT Pharma Inc. And InProcess-LSP Finalize Partnership Agreement

DIANT Continuous Nanoparticle Manufacturing System Integrates With InProcess-LSP NanoFlowSizer For Size Characterization. DIANT Pharma Inc. (DIANT), a startup company that provides a turnkey solution for continuous manufacturing of nanoparticles, has the exclusive right to integrate the NanoFlowSizer into the DIANT system, providing a major advantage to DIANT customers. The DIANT system has multiple flow options, … Continued