The Advanced Materials Show and The Nanotechnology Show Announce Exhibition Partnership with MS&T

The Advanced Materials Show, The Nanotechnology Showand The Materials Science and Technology (MS&T) have announced an exhibition partnership, which sees the three events co-locating next year on October 11-12, 2022, at the David L. Lawrence Conference Center in Pittsburgh, Pa. This new partnership also means Event Partners, the organizers of The Advanced Materials Show and … Continued

Exhibitor Spotlight on Princeton Scientific

What are the benefits of your technologies or materials? Princeton Scientific Corporation’s fundamental philosophy is based on providing our clients and customers, the very best selection of innovative, quality, advanced materials and precision scientific equipment for academic, institutional and manufacturing research & development needs and applications. Our Pure Elements, Laser, NLO and Oxide Single Crystals, … Continued

Press Release: Princeton Scientific – Aquarius Starter Kit

Princeton Scientific now offers a system capable of unprecedented, High Resolution, In-Situ SEM Liquid Inspection and Analysis for visualizing native-state samples. The product uses nanofilm to create an atmospheric environment in a vacuum in order to keep the liquid samples in their original state. To view the full press release click here. • By combining … Continued

Exhibitor Spotlight on Superior Silica

What are the benefits of your technologies or materials? Our company focuses on manufacturing ultra-precise, spherical silica (SiO2) nanoparticles and microbeads at commercial scales. Furthermore, we customize their chemical composition and surface chemistry for compatibility in our customers’ existing systems. In doing so, our silica acts as a key raw material in enabling the development … Continued

Exhibitor Spotlight on Ferrotec

What are the benefits of your technologies or materials? Ferrotec offers an array of advanced materials and component solutions covering a range of markets.  Reliable supply chain solutions are valued by industry leaders. Quality and consistency in working with a trusted supplier are prerequisites of our demanding and appreciated customer base.   Ferrotec has an extensive … Continued

Exhibitor Spotlight on Hydromx

What are the benefits of your technologies or materials? Increase efficiency in Closed Loop HVAC Systems. Why nanofluids over traditional methods? Standard heat transfer mediums, like water, have low thermal properties. We change that by adding nano-sized particles. HYDROMX® has multiple ways of protecting systems. Could you explain more about these methods? Not only do … Continued

Exhibitor Spotlight on Forge Nano

Describe your target market.  Forge Nano is actively working with partners in; semiconductors, displays, microelectronics, batteries, medical, pharma, automotive, consumer electronics, emissions, and other high tech applications. Our surface engineering platform uses Atomic Layer Deposition to solve problems and optimize products at the atomic level.   We solve surface engineering problems from the very atoms that produce them. Our platform technology applies atom thick coatings to surfaces … Continued

Interview with Kurt Swogger, CEO, Molecular Rebar Design.

What are the benefits of your technologies or materials?  Molecular Rebar Design, LLC (MRD) has invented, patented, and developed discrete or individual carbon nanotubes made from as produced bundle of million of carbon nanotubes. Called Molecular Rebar®, this discrete form has a high length over diameter and is sized in the manometer range.  MR has … Continued

The Advanced Materials Show announces its global launch in the USA

Following the enormous success of The Advanced Materials Show, which first launched in the UK last year, the organiser of the pioneering expo has announced the launch of a dedicated show for advanced materials in the USA this autumn. The Advanced Materials Show USA taking place in Edison NJ, will showcase the very latest in high-performance … Continued