Exhibitor Spotlight on ANCORP

What products do ANCORP specialize in?

High vacuum and ultra-high vacuum products such as: ConFlat Flanges, Traps & Filters, UHV Viewports, Ball Valves, VAT Angle Valves, VAT Gate Valves, Custom UHV Vacuum Chambers, Standard and Customized Flanges, Fittings, and Weldments, Roughing Vacuum Components, Rotary Motion Feedthroughs, Fluid and Gas Feedthroughs, Cryogenic Feedthroughs, Roughing Vacuum Bellows, Flexible Hose, and Adapters.

SpaceX is an ANCORP customer. What are your products specifically used for in this industry?

The aerospace industries use high vacuum chambers to simulate aerospace conditions for testing engines, turbines, satellites, and components for leak-tightness, extreme pressure, extreme temperature resistance, and vibrations.

How has your company been involved in the Covid-19 effort and how is vacuum technology used in the fight against the pandemic? 

Our engineering team designed a ventilator to help patients fighting Covid-19: https://ancorp.com/blog?p=ancorp-s-custom-ventilator-helps-covid-19-fight

The vacuum industry was working tirelessly on developing products to help fight the virus. One of our customers used our products to design a light that would kill the virus in public places. https://ancorp.com/blog?p=eden-park

Sustainability and being green is a hot topic within manufacturing. How are you and your team minimizing your impact on the environment? 

ANCORP has developed a “Green Initiatives” plan to reduce waste and recycle everything we can. https://ancorp.com/blog?p=ancorp-green-updates

What excites you most about the material science and nanotechnology industries?

We are excited to know that the many industries that we serve are creating breakthrough products that are changing the world.

What will you be looking out for yourselves at The Nanotechnology Show and The Advanced Materials Show USA? 

Connections with more companies and individuals that we can help and learning and experiencing new technologies and new research developments.

What are the latest ANCORP products you and your team are most excited about? 

  • UHV Burst Disks
  • UHV Viewports
  • 316LN ConFlat Flanges and Fittings

What can visitors expect from your stand? 

A FUN and exciting experience from an American manufacturer. A company who is ready to help them break barriers by designing products unique to their research and technology.

If visitors should know one thing about your company and experience, what would it be? 

We are passionate about everything we do!