An Interview With Advisory Board Member: James Trevey (Forge Nano)

What is your role and responsibility within your current organisation and how does it fit in with the wider industry?

I am the CTO of Forge Nano. Inwardly to the organization it is my job to prioritize technology development opportunities which have the greatest pre-market pull so that we can be prepared for demand. Outwardly, I work on establishing Forge Nano as the go-to company for ALD (name/brand recognition) as well as maintaining executive relationships which are critical for strategic initiatives.

Talk us through your career to date, what are your career highlights?

My graduate school work from 2007-2011 is the foundation of the company Solid Power, who recently went public at over $1B valuation. I am a founder of Forge Nano and have grown it from 3 FTEs in 2014 to 80 in Q3 of 2022. I recently founded (this past month) the Military Power Sources Consortium as well to be the go-to voice for power and energy for all services (air force, navy, army, space force, marines, ect.).

In your opinion, what does nanotechnology offer to address complex sustainability problems? Do you think nanotechnology will have a big impact on the future of sustainability?

Nanotechnology should be able to unlock the additive manufacturing industry to make more complex parts without requiring machining, new alloys, and improvements to material properties to reduce cost and environmental impacts.

What innovations are you seeing in the world of nanotechnology that is exciting for the future of the industry?

Many industries are finding greater performance and/or capability through the use of nanomaterials. In some cases, game-changing performance.

What benefits do you think exhibitors and attendees will get from attending the show?

A status check on the industry, to see what is becoming reality vs. just marketing.

Bonus Question

If you could immediately gain one skill, what would it be?

The ability to more effectively collect and understand the voice of customer than what currently exists, as it pertains to nearly every business development interaction and industry (understanding things from your customers point of view).